What to Expect


We’ve determined that we will not be able to hold on-site admission events, so we’d like to introduce to you an exciting online approach.

Welcome to TABS CONNECT ™, an expanded version of MarcomACE. We’ve taken the opportunity to pre-load your school information, knowing you don’t need another thing to do right now! Get a look and amend as you wish but, certainly, upload photos and videos.

Interested students will create personal profiles and, using TABS Connect, you’ll be able to search their information, direct message them, set up Zoom calls, etc. And, vice-versa!

Each tour for Africa, Asia, and Europe will have its own TABS Connect portal and will include virtual interviews and information sessions during the following time periods:

  • Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Nigeria)
  • Europe (Russia and Kazakhstan)
  • Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Vietnam)
  • North America

We will use TABS Connect as our family registration portal, where you can set up virtual meetings with interested students.

Once you’ve submitted your funds, we’ll activate your school profile and it will be searchable for a full semester.